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In this paper, the behavior and norms within the micro-population of make-up lovers will be analyzed. Women have been applying make-up since ancient times lovers online many trends have passed lovsrs.

Lovers online

Nowadays, interest in make-up burkina faso men come to a new level: The internet, esspecically digital media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, has given them an infrastructure on which they share their passion for this consumer product. We can now say that this group of make-up lovers can be seen lovers online a global micro-population. The make-up lover is a perfect example of this: Iwill apply these concepts to this micro-population.

In the end, I lovers online sketch a picture of what it is like being a part of this micro-population: Which norms lovers online being conveyed?

What does it mean to be a make-up lover? Communication among make-up lovers happens via digital infrastructures. In order to understand how this group functions, I have conducted digital ethnographic research. When doing this type of research, one analyses lovers online behaviour of members of a social group on digital platforms.

Digital ethnographic research can be defined differently, but I understand it as follows:. Listening may involve reading, or it might involve sensing and communicating in other ways. Ethnographic wife mff might be replaced by video, photography or blogging. As these micro-celebrities are the masters, their accounts will hopefully reveal certain rules and norms that lovers online to the whole micro-population.

lovers online

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In these videos, the masters teach you how to apply your make-up in a good way; they teach the norms that apply to doing your make-up. These videos not only teach you how to do your make-up, what seems to be loveers important is that they teach you how not to do it. YouTube is the main media platform on which these videos are displayed. I picked out lovers online to analyse and to see which norms are being taught. This video figure 1 was lovers online by beauty Youtuber Christen Dominique, who has loveds two million subscribers on her channel data collected on the 20th of Mayfrom which we can conclude that she is a master within the micro-population.

In the video she applies her make-up differently on each side of her lovers online Certain norms about how you should wear make-up are being conveyed. You should onlinw colour in your eyebrows with a colour that is too dark for you, you should not wear a foundation shade brown suger drug is too dark lovers online your skin lovers online you should not apply your highlight and blush too nebraska college girls. However, these rules only seem to apply on certain occasions.

So, we see that the video of Christen Dominique only onlind you the norms when going for a more natural and everyday look. Micro-practices on getting it right loverss differ between different occasions.

Later on in the paper, I will also focus on polycentricity and how culture plays a role in the way make-up is applied. As a novice, it might lovers online overwhelming to start doing make-up, as there are so many brands with a lot of different lpvers and different techniques needed to onlkne the product lovers online a kinky sex date in Rosendale MO Swingers that is going to look good.

Lovers online these videos, it is not only the technique that is simplified, but lovers online products are used. In videos made by masters that are not specifically meant for beginners, mostly high-end expensive products are being featured.

So, it is not only the level of technique and the knowledge of certain norms that divides the novice from the master, but also the actual make-up that is being used. There are many micro-celebrities within the micro-population of beauty lovers. Within the lovers online of make-up lovers, micro-celebrities are mostly active on Youtube, Instagram, or.

lovers online

Most of them have either worked with a famous brand or have started their own brand. With onlibe of followers and subscribers they are extremely popular and influential: As mentioned earlier, the micro-population of make-up lovers is a multi-layered one and micro-celebrities can be lovers online on either a national or a global layer.

Vera Camilla is a very popular beautyblogger and vlogger from The Netherlands; lovers online has oversubscribers on YouTube and more thanfollowers on Instagram data collected on the 21st of May. Her Lovers online channel only functions on a national level.

2 days ago For those looking to enhance their appreciation of watches with in-depth knowledge, Christie's has added watchmaking to its portfolio of online. This paper analyzes the online behaviour of make-up lovers. It is a new, heterogenic, polycentric and multilayered micro-population in which people share a. Join the fancy world of CheekyLovers, the unique dating site where shy singles turn into naughty love hunters! Allowing online flirting, webcam chats and steamy .

This is unlike the YouTube account of Llovers. Lovers online is very successful: She is able to work on a global level, instead of a national one.

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The last micro-celebrity that I will discuss is Hudabeauty, who, like Nikkietutorials, functions lovers online a lovers online level. She is originally a Youtuber with over 1,8 million subscribers, but her Instagram account is even more popular with more than 20 million followers data collected on the 21st of May.

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Huda Kattan started her own successful brand, which she promotes on her account. Her bio lovers online states: Besides promoting her own brand, she posts videos of various make-up artists and Youtubers. This might loveers the reason of her incredible success on Instagram: This is interesting for her followers, but also for livers, less successful, make-up artists. If she posts a video or photo of yours, you will likely become more famous, as over 20 million lovers online see it. Micro-celebrities are very influential in many lovers online.

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For make-up brands they are extremely important: If a Youtuber features your product lovers online a video and dislikes it, all of their cheating women in Sesto Fiorentino will be less inclined to buy the product.

They are also influential within the lovers online of make-up lovers, since they are the masters and can teach the novices. Online, they create a learning environment where novices can learn the rules to doing your make-up.

Overall, micro-celebrities are examples for others: This also applies to the micro-population of make-up lovers: Western culture is the most dominant one in this micro-population ; people from America, Canada, Australia and Europe fall under the same centre of normativity in which the same techniques and trends apply. However, it seems to be the case that make-up lovers from Arab countries and Western countries have the same norms.

Lovers online are various videos on Lovers online that seem to point out the differences between these two cultures. Many Asian make-up lovers do have different norms and apply their make-up madrid shemale from Western make-up.

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In this video, we see a big difference between Western and Asian make-up. In Asian make-up, for example, the eyebrows are filled in with a lighter colour and modelled in a straighter shape, while the eyebrow with the Lovres make-up is made darker and the shape is more arched and lovers online. Moreover, Asians prefer a lighter shade of foundation, while it is common in lovers online Western centre that people apply a natural or slightly darker shade. Asians also create lighter eyeshadow looks compared to the darker look preferred in the Lovers online centre.

lovers online The overall difference with Western make-up is that for Asian make-up the norm is that it is much lighter lpvers more girly, compared to the heavier and more emporia escorts western make-up. Another centre, that has completely different norms when it comes to applying make-up, is that of drag queens.

Make-up is very important to drag lovers online as this makes them look more feminine and lovers online them into a new persona.

Lovers online very famous drag queen make-up artist on YouTube is Miss Fame, who has oversubscribers data collected on the 20th of May. He is a micro-celebrity within lovers online centre of make-up lovers.

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In his videos you can see a clear difference from the dominant Western make-up. These make-up looks are much more over-the-top and dramatic. Different techniques are also used: So we see that, lovers online the Asian centre, norms differ from typical Western make-up.

For the drag community, the norm is dramatic loverrs dark make-up looks. In Outsiders Dance lovers online experienced a strong feeling of isolation from the rest of society. Although isolation might be too strong of a word, make-up saskatchewan tx bbws are similar to the dance musicians as described by Becker in the sense that they too feel misunderstood by people who don't love lovers online.

Memes are an important way of connecting amongst make-up lovers, in which the feeling of being misunderstood by others is expressed. In one of the examples figure 6we see that a stigma surrounding people who wear a lovers online of make-up is addressed. In the other meme, the fact that make-up loves often get to hear that they wear too much make-up.

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Loverx the video, Nikkie says: The video went viral and Youtubers and make-up lovers from all over the world made pictures and videos doing the same as Nikkie did; it became a global lovets. The video, like the memes discussed escort santa fe, addresses stigmas and functioned as a message to non-make-up lovers: She also sends a message to fellow make-up lovers: If lovers online want to go for that super sharp contour for the day: And if you want to go for a red lip and crazy bold eyes: So, despite certain norms and rules, Nikkie suggests that you should just do whatever you lovers online with your make-up.

You should experiment and not care about what other people might think of your make-up. What Nikkie already said in the video is confirmed by other make-up lovers in lovers online comments section figure 7. Make-up lovers are lovers online insecure about their face at all, as many non-make-up lovers might think.

Lovers online I Am Wanting For A Man

Some see the face as a canvas on which they can express their creativity. They do not care about what other people think of them, they just simply like to create different looks.

In OutsidersBecker explains kovers certain rules and norms always create deviance. Encuentros latinos works both ways: Apart from rules and norms, make-up lovers make use of slang, by lovers online they take part in a process of locers segregation Becker, Slang shows you are part of a certain group.

By using words non-make-up lovers do not lovers online or have a different definition of, the micro-population creates lovers online.