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I want to get fisted I Am Seeking Sex Hookers

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I want to get fisted

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Please 20s to 30s with a clean ass and all your. Swinger married looking wanted sex Single woman seeking couples seeking women Maybe nice boys do finish. Im lbs 6ft tall good looking.

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IAmA woman who enjoys being fisted. AMA self.

I want to get fisted I Am Searching Teen Sex

There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there about fisting and the people who enjoy it. First off- No, I do not have a huge gaping vagina.

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Yes, I do still enjoy regular sex. I do kegel exercises regularly and have never had a complaint about tightness or rather, lack thereof even with less-endowed partners. So, anything you want to know?

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Ask away! Just to clear something up- I can't fist. I had a spinal fusion when I was a teen so I'm not all that flexible. It takes a good bit of force to get a hand inside me and I simply don't i want to get fisted the leverage to do it.

I want to get fisted I Wants Cock

I don't have any pics and am currently single so don't have a way of taking any. A hand fusted definitely the largest thing I have ever had in my vagina. Its not that I can't take pictures I can't fist.

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It's always been done to me by someone. Just a picture, no face.

IAmA woman who enjoys being fisted. AMA : IAmA

We want a general idea of what you look like. Boobs are always appreciated. Not really.

You could always have made this thread at http: I am sure it doesn't, but this is the internet, so it had to be requested. I don't make the rules, I just follow.

Confessions Of A Fisting Addict | Thought Catalog

Just stick something big up there and i want to get fisted a photo. If you don't want to do something fisfed that, or are a passionate fistee and therefore feel that using something other than a hand would take away from the legitimacy of the thread, you can just say so.

Other than that, all I have to say is aussie date I am a guy, and I can still fist.

Just what is happening in your neck of the woods? I've only ever requested it from partners that I i want to get fisted done it with. I hate bringing it up with anyone fksted because I'm afraid they will react poorly.

Instead I slowly work up to it when I'm with a new boyfriend, expressing that I'm into pain, telling them they can go farther when they are fingering me. I want to get fisted rage comic of happy face when she asks for wantt fingers, determined face at 3, pokerface at 4, and then the horrified face at the five when you realize your penis will always disappoint.

Actually, my ex husband used to claim that I was tighter just after being fisted. I assume this is because of i want to get fisted caused by the minor injury from being fisted. I was dating a open minded girlfriend who was into kink and he asked to try it.

I didn't think it was really possible, but after trying on several occasions he was successful.

Have you only tried fisting with a serious partner, or in a casual relationship as well? Woman A: Serious partner (male) — my first adult. I made some allusions, but yeah, I wasn't quite brave enough to stand up and be all, “Yo! I love being fisted and I have a vagina of steel! Let me. As I said earlier, we did not have full PIV before getting married. to be fisted much deeper in my ass than in my pussy and when I have a guys.

I want to get fisted haven't tried, but I would guess that someone's upper body strength would likely overpower my pelvic muscles if I tried. Yes a regular dick still does the trick for me. I don't need to be fisted to get off, and its not something I'm always in the mood. I've never fisted myself, actually- just had it done to me by my partner. I know its something that not everyone would be into so I'm always hesitant to bring it up with someone new.

My ex husband definitely got off on it.

Yes, I think one would end up getting looser if it was done too often, just because there wouldn't be time for the vagina to recuperate and go back to its normal size. I am usually sore for at least a few days after being fisted, so I've never tried doing it that.

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At most I've done it weekly or every couple weeks, so this has never been an issue for me. I am about 5'6"-ish, so average height.

Don't care to share my weight but I am a big girl. Nah, I prefer to use a normal sized vibrator for solo play. While I enjoy pain with a partner, it just isn't the wabt if I'm the one inflicting it on. If an entire child can come out of a vagina without destroying i want to get fisted, then I believe a top and bottom gay can.

As far as rape victims- wwnt vagina expands in response to arousal. If a woman isn't aroused she will be dry and her vagina will be very small.

i want to get fisted The stimulation can make a woman's vagina relax and lubricate out of self defense, but the initial attack would be before that happens, so traumatic injury can and does happen. This is not true--"as flirt advice as rape victims," mainly what expands their vagina would be a penis. Yeah, my response was poorly written geg.

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The "as far as rape victims" lead-in was just to clarify what point I was responding to in the now deleted comment above it. That was actually not main point, but that was probably just a combination of taking notice i want to get fisted my closing statement, and that you are female. It's simple biology, wamt are quite resistant. You think hot sexting pictures know everything about fisting because you've done it before? Educate yourself visted stop talking out of your ass.

What It Feels Like To Be Fisted | Thought Catalog

And I never said vaginas i want to get fisted indestructible, did I? I said it's possible to engage in fisting without destroying a vagina, which is not the same thing. Can how to make dating fun tell the difference, or should I explain it?

For fucks sake, you really can't see geg difference between yet rape victim being fisted and normal intercourse that involves fisting?

I'm not sure I believe that you have really fisted. I've never heard of someone ramming their fist in and.

Little did I know, it was also about to be my first successful experience with fisting. “This toy is so big, it's almost like getting fisted!. There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there about fisting and the people who enjoy it. First off- No, I do not have a huge gaping vagina. Yes, I do still. Have you only tried fisting with a serious partner, or in a casual relationship as well? Woman A: Serious partner (male) — my first adult.

You work the hand in very slowly, adding one finger at a time, then tucking in the thumb and only make a fist once inside the vagina. At that point it is just small movements with your hand staying inside.

And you have to stop making german females for marriage fist before trying to remove the hand.

I'm not sure really, I think part of it is the taboo that makes it exciting. I do enjoy anal sometimes, but it is a different experience entirely. Also, my vagina isn't destroyed by fisting, its pretty damn resilient. Probably a little, my muscles contract pretty hard when I want to get fisted orgasm, but I wang had any complaints about it. You said it's ger and I don't disagree with that because it does look painful. But i want to get fisted you describe what kind of pain it is?

Can you compare it to another type of pain? It could be compared to the pain of a girl losing her virginity, or to the pain of sex when not fully "warmed up" and ready to go My guess is that it might also be i want to get fisted to the pain of childbirth, but I don't have any kids tl I couldn't say for sure.

When did you discover that you enjoyed being fisted, or when was the first time the thought crossed your mind and why? It was something that my then boyfriend had seen in porn and asked to try doing to me. I like painful sex so I went with it. Is it less painful now then when you first started?

Or does doing the kegel exercises keep it tight enough that it is still painful? It's not just the vagina i want to get fisted stretches during childbirth, but the cervix too, the teeny tiny opening the sperm j through and also holds the baby in. Probably, but I can't really say for sure.

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Whether pain is enjoyable or not really depends on context. Not really, no. I do kegel exercises and can actually squeeze my partner's dick when it is i want to get fisted me. It also takes a LOT of foreplay before I am relaxed and wet enough to actually take a hand.

What Trying Fisting Taught Me About My Body And My Sexual Preferences

Not all pain is equal- while I do enjoy it in a sexual fiste, something like a bat to the knees would not be fun for me. Indeed, there's a massive difference between pain that can be eroticised and regular "Ow my i want to get fisted pain. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. IAmA comments.

I want to get fisted

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